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Our Deck painting Services in Toowoomba


Deck Painting Maintenance Services

Your deck is a place where you host parties, unwind with friends over a few drinks, watch the kids play, or relax under the stars. However, the weather tends to be rough to decks, and they can quickly become outdoor eyesores if not properly maintained. At Andrew Klein Painting in Toowoomba, we can help you overcome the elements.

Why You Should Paint or Stain Your Deck

Whether you bought your home with a deck or had one installed, it’s an asset that provides value. However, that same deck can wreak havoc on your home’s value if you let it degrade.

Untreated wood absorbs moisture, causing it to expand and rot from the inside-out. Treated wood keeps moisture out, helping to protect the wood from warping, expanding or cracking.

Painting and staining protects your deck from the elements while looking great. Painting provides around ten years of protection, where staining provides around five years of protection.


The Key to A Quality Finish

For the best look possible, you have to prepare your decks. If you’ve read any of our other material, you know that we believe in prep work. We follow a rigorous three-step system that ensures a near-perfect prepped deck on every project.
  • Use Powerlift to clean all the tannins in the timber, remove old oils & sealers without using bleach.
  • Use reviver to restore the timber’s natural colour.
  • Apply a finish coat of clear for durability & protection.